Spider Catcher 
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Sliding shutter door opens when turned to catch spiders with ease

Simply take outside and turn to release spider

The Katcha Bug is 40cm long so you are at arms length away

Traps insects alive without killing them

No Chemicals, No Mess & Re-usable. It will last a lifetime!

Catch and dispose of spiders and other insects humanely with this creepy crawly bug catcher. Katcha Bug does not kill bugs - it allows you to catch them (at arm's length!) and seal them in while you take them outside to set them free. Consists of a handle and acrylic trap with sliding lid. Simply cup the trap over the insect, close the lid and take the bug outdoors. Traps all types of insect including spiders, flies, ants, bees, wasps, etc. quickly and easily. Ideal if you are frightened of small creepy crawlies but do not wish to kill them. No mess, uses no chemicals or bait. Works anywhere indoors or outdoors. Dimensions: - Length 40cm (15.75").

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