Cocoon HD All-In-One Indoor Home Security Camera With Advanced Multi-Room Protection System, ALEXA Compatible, in Black 
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PROTECTS YOUR HOME DAY AND NIGHT, infrared night vision and excellent wide-angle 720HD camera; sends video alerts to your smartphone if activity is detected

ADVANCED MULTI-ROOM PROTECTION SYSTEM, Subsound® technology. Protects more of your home, covering multiple rooms in your home from one device.

WORKS WITH ALEXA, Arm Cocoon with your voice when you're home alone for extra peace of mind or sound the panic alarm in an emergency

SIMPLE SELF-INSTALL IN SECONDS, controlled easily from the iPhone or Android smartphone apps

NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEES, 7-day cloud recording included, watch live, playback, and download important recorded videos

Cocoon is making complete home security smart, simple and effortless. Simple to setup, with HD video and audio, built-in siren and our patented Subsound® Technology all controlled from your phone, Cooon is all you need to feel safe. Just turn it on and relax.

Protect your whole home with one Cocoon.
Everything that makes your house your home, protected by a single, smart device the size of a cricket ball. Cocoon can sense activity in other rooms, and across multiple floors in your home using unique Subsound® technology. No sensors, no cables, no complicated installation. Just turn it on and relax. This is plug-in peace of mind. This is Cocoon.

Safe and Sound
Cocoon protects your whole home, without any additional sensors, alerting you to unusual movement in any room, on any floor. We’ve designed everything you need to secure your whole home in a single and beautifully engineered device. Cocoon keeps you and your family feeling safe without the need for complicated or expensive installation, or monthly fees.

Good Vibrations
As we move around our homes, we create vibrations too quiet for humans to hear. Cocoon picks them up with unique Subsound® technology. And not just in one room or floor. But across your whole home. This means – unlike all other home security providers – what you see is all you need. No wires, no extra sensors, no hassle. Just one small, smart Cocoon.

Live and Learn
From the moment you turn it on, Cocoon starts using your movements and habits to get in sync with the unique sound signature of your home. This means you can trust it to decide when there’s something you need to know about. And when it’s just the cat coming in.

For Your Eyes Only
Your privacy matters just as much as your security. So, your data is processed only on your Cocoon. If an alert is triggered or you check in, the data is encrypted and sent to our secure cloud. Your smartphone is the key, so only you can access your data. And that’s it. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Smart Made Simple

Traditional home security uses sensors on each of your doors and windows to detect movement. Cocoon is different, it uses the air in your home as a link between these entry points and its powerful microphone, protecting your whole home from a single device. Cocoon’s unique Subsound® technology protects your whole home by picking up low level sound waves too quiet for humans to hear and notifying you if anything unusual happens. Better yet, Cocoon’s built in AI quickly tunes itself to your household’s frequency, learning the rhythms of your home to avoid false alarms. Making home security simple.

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